It is important for all our selling customers to know, that if we are unable to sell your items in our store after a few months, you will receive a notification from us.


After this, you will have 8 days to pick up your unsold items. If your items stays uncollected in our store after 8 weekdays, we will forward it to Red Cross.

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to store unsold items.


As a selling customer, you are responsible to notify us, if you are unable to pick up your items within these 8 workdays. If you notify us, we will store your items for you until you again are able to come by.


If you change phone number, are out traveling etc., or unreachable for some reason, it is your responsibility to let us know.


If we are unable to reach you and haven't received any notification from you, Red Cross will pick it up efter the 8 weekdays. 



Thank you for reading our guidelines.