O-S-V Secondhand is a consignment store, which means that we are happy to help you sell the clothes, shoes, or accessories that you no longer need. It's incredibly simple. Because of Corona lockdown, we will do it in a different way to make sure we all stay safe.
Step 1: Make sure that the items you want to sell are all clean and in a good-as-new condition.
Step 2: Send pictures of your items in DM to our instagram @osv_secondhand
Step 3: The pictures we tap with a heart, are the items that we would love to sell for you. 
Step 4: Pack these items in a bag and write a little note with your phone number, full name, and if you have any wishes for pricing. 
Step 5: Drop it off to us in O-S-V, and we will send you a picture of the note with pricing, that you can confirm. 
When all your items are sold, we will send you a message, and you can come by and get your money transferred to your account after lockdown. 
Thank you, we cant wait to see what you have for us.